Month: February 2017

Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge honored with UFO award – CNET

CNETBlink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge honored with UFO awardCNETBlink-182’s former frontman and guitarist Tom DeLonge has been working alongside people from the “highest levels of the Department of Defense and NASA and the military” to uncover the truth about UFOs, he told Rolling Stone last year.Tom DeLonge Presented With UFO Researcher of the Year AwardLoudwireTom DeLonge […]

Isil fighters' drone tactics likened to Mad Max by Australia's defence chief – fighters’ drone tactics likened to Mad Max by Australia’s defence State fighters were increasingly using Mad Max-style suicide vehicles and commercial drones armed with grenades in their defence of the Iraqi town of Mosul, Australia’s defence chief said on Wednesday. Mark Binskin, Australian Defence Force …As ISIS Prepares Its Terror Resurrection, Watch Out […]

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan's Phony War – New York Magazine

New York MagazineDonald Trump and Paul Ryan’s Phony WarNew York MagazineThere are two basic ways in which Donald Trump is not a normal Republican. First, he is crudely ethno-nationalist, which drives him to reject free trade and immigration reform, and rather than gesturing toward reconciliation with minorities, uses them …Now Republicans in Congress are at […]

'UFO' burns across the Tasmanian morning sky – –

Yahoo7 News’UFO’ burns across the Tasmanian morning sky – fireball has scorched across the Tasmanian sky sending UFO theorists into a frenzy, but all is not what it appears.Mysterious fireball over Tasmania sends UFO believers into …Yahoo7 NewsUFO believers go nuts over Tasmania ‘fireball’ video | Daily Mail …Daily Mail’UFO’ burns bright over TasmaniaStarts […]

Jellyfish That Looks Like UFO Spotted By Underwater Rover | The … – Huffington Post

Huffington PostJellyfish That Looks Like UFO Spotted By Underwater Rover | The …Huffington PostA jellyfish that looks amazingly like a flying saucer was recently filmed by a team of marine biologists from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric …Underwater rover spots jellyfish that looks like a UFO – AOL NewsAOL News[Video] ‘UFO Jellyfish’ From Outer Space […]

POLITICO Magazine – Politico

PoliticoPOLITICO MagazinePoliticoPresident Trump bemoans the fact that when it comes to wars, America’s best days are behind her. “We never win, and we don’t fight to win,” he said on the same day that he declared his new budget would include a 10-percent increase for military spending.Trump’s pledge to “start winning wars again” is ignorant […]

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