Google now taking the search term "UFO" seriously

Every so often I would Google “UFO” to see if there were any sightings in the news. The search results were for UFO the band, the tv series UFO, the movie UFO and it would be hard to find relevant websites. Googled UFO today and the main page is flooded with multiple UFO news articles, it shows the Wikipedia definition of UFO and several of the top websites are news ones. (Interestingly websites like MUFON, ATS ect do not come up in the top searches) What do y’all make of this Why would Google, the largest gatekeeper of information in the world be seeming to be transparent (but not totally ofcourse) submitted by /u/Big-Secretary9144 [link] [comments]

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Google now taking the search term “UFO” seriously

Updated: May 3, 2021 — 10:30 pm