[IIL] Snap Judgment's Spooked podcast [WEWIL]

I love the Spooked podcast but have already burned through all the episodes before October even began! I have some criteria that I think may differentiate Spooked from other ‘scary-story’ podcasts, and I would love to find something similar. Primarily ghost stories, not things like UFO sightings/Bigfoot sightings etc Good quality production Standalone episodes, not one long story with multi-episode arcs Emphasis on the story and less on commentary/analysis/debunking – I just wanna be spooked! People telling their own ghost stories would be a plus Anyone have any ideas? submitted by /u/khoshekh7958 [link] [comments]

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[IIL] Snap Judgment’s Spooked podcast [WEWIL]

Updated: September 24, 2021 — 10:26 pm