Mysterious Row of Orbs Caught on Homeowner's Security Camera in Prince George's County – FOX 5

We frankly don’t know what to think of this event. The article links to other puzzlers, too. Duncan Phenix and the (Las Vegas) 8NewsNow staff say It’s Happened Again, People in Southwest US Report Strange Lights in the Sky. But there’s a ready-made explanation for these sightings, involving Starlink satellite launches. What sets this article apart is its video describing the origin and purpose of these “human UFOs.” Next: two looks at a sighting and its explanation. On May 3rd Jemma Bufton reported a ‘UFO’ Spotted over Worcester, in Worcestershire, England. The imagery raises some immediate thoughts, confirmed by Bufton’s follow up on the 4th announcing ‘UFO’ Mystery Solved by Worcester Expert. Former police officer Dale Collett is “pretty convinced UFOs are real,” but in this case “people can be too eager to believe.” The flower-shaped helium balloon does look strange. (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 service

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Mysterious Row of Orbs Caught on Homeowner’s Security Camera in Prince George’s County – FOX 5

Updated: May 14, 2021 — 10:27 am