Starship SN15 Landed. Now What? | What's Next for SpaceX's Starship

With SN15 now on display, SpaceX appears to be making a full push toward the first orbital test flight using both Starship & Super Heavy from Boca Chica. Ian Atkinson lays out what SpaceX is doing to prepare for this momentous mission. Scripted and Hosted by Ian Atkinson (@IanPineapple). Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Jack Beyer (@TheJackBeyer), and the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Brady Kenniston (@TheFavoritist) All content copyright to NSF. Not to be used elsewhere without explicit permission from NSF. Click “Join” for access to early fast turnaround clips, exclusive discord access with the NSF team, etc – to support the channel. Rolling Updates and Discussion: Articles: NSF Store: L2 Boca Chica (more clips and photos) from BC’s very early days to today. (Join L2 and support NSF here:

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Starship SN15 Landed. Now What? | What’s Next for SpaceX’s Starship

Updated: June 7, 2021 — 10:29 am