Examples of "thousands of years" old UFO sightings?

I often come across the narrative of “UFOs have been reported for thousands of years”. Its something Elizondo loves to say and a lot of people in this sub mention it as well. I was wondering what these reports and sightings actually include? Are there any actual “reports” in form of verified written texts? Are these sightings just a “believer narrative” of individual interpretations of cave wall drawings? I remember seeing a documentary where they showed ancient paintings of stars and even the sun as ufos, are these the reports people mean? Or is this more an anecdotal thing of “i heard it from a friend or read it on a bogus blog” without any actual strong evidence? Are there any cases that arent just “believer interpretations” but have actual backing from history experts of that culture and age? submitted by /u/LowKickMT [link] [comments]

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Examples of “thousands of years” old UFO sightings?

Updated: August 3, 2022 — 10:26 pm