SpaceX's Florida Starship Tower Reaches New Heights

The first 200 get 20% off an annual Brilliant premium subscription – The Starship Launch Tower at Pad 39A is halfway complete, a New Glenn 2nd Stage tank was spotted at Blue Origin’s LC-36, and the Starship Factory at Roberts Road begins to rise. Video and Pictures from Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), Julia (@julia_bergeron), and Thomas (@TGMetsFan98). Narrated and Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer). Script by Alejandro (@Alexphysics13) and Justin (@OGNovuh). All content copyright to NSF. Not to be used elsewhere without explicit permission from NSF. Click “Join” for access to early fast turnaround clips, exclusive discord access with the NSF team, etc – to support the channel. Rolling Updates and Discussion: Articles: NSF Store: L2 Boca Chica (more clips and photos) from BC’s very early days to today. (Join L2 and support NSF here:

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SpaceX’s Florida Starship Tower Reaches New Heights

Updated: July 26, 2022 — 10:26 pm