The UFO truth may be out there, but it isn't in North Dakota

(KXNET) — There may be dedicated groups of North Dakotans focused on UFOs and UAPs but, as a whole, the state of North Dakota ranks last as a place to be if you’re into discussing and searching for otherworldly visitors. That’s according to a data survey by consumer lawn services website Lawn Love. The site reviewed UFO sightings data, communication tower registrations, Air Force base listings and more to determine which of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia are hotbeds of extraterrestrial activity. They also searched for UFO clubs, conventions and other factors that indulge the most avid UFO enthusiasts. When the data was crunched, North Dakota came in dead last among the states and Washington D.C. It may or may not be any consolation, but South Dakota and Montana are also ranked with North Dakota at the bottom of the list. Here are some North Dakota rankings in the analysis, according to Lawn Love’s analysis: Number of UFO/UAP Sightings: 50thAverage Monthly Google Searches for UFO-Related Terms Over Past Year: 50thNumber of Planetariums and Observatories: 48thNumber of UFO/Alien Attractions: 15th You can read the full data survey, along with its methodology, here.

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The UFO truth may be out there, but it isn’t in North Dakota

Updated: October 2, 2022 — 10:26 am