UFO's Over San Diego!?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and aloha! UCR is your home for credible news reviews and commentary on everything UAPs and UFOs! Your Host Luis Jimenez with co-host Rather B. Squidding and Jane Kyle go LIVE every Thursday at 5 PM PDT! Come aboard, let’s get weird! Today, we talk about the Major UFO Sighting over San Diego, or was it just flares? What lessons can we take away from this event and apply to future sightings? Also, a Rolling Stone interview with Jeremy Corbell and his mushroom trips in the desert and how that might be relevant to the narrative being told today. We also finally debut “Weird Texas” Jane Kyle’s new monthly segment that brings you everything weird from the state of Texas! Finally, are drones the new swamp gas? All UCR Social Media Links: https://linktr.ee/LuAngeles Link for Rather B. Squidding: https://twitter.com/BSquidding Link for UFO Jane Kyle: https://twitter.com/TxUFOSightings Link to our Streamyard Affiliate Program: https://streamyard.com?fpr=ucr UCR Shows are streamed live every Thursday from 5-7 pm PST.

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UFO’s Over San Diego!?

Updated: July 1, 2022 — 10:26 am