Why Some People Still Believe the "Alien Autopsy" Film Is the Real Thing – Mysterious Universe

Here’s a clear and stark rendition of Nick Redfern’s alternate theory to the “traditional” ET-crash scenario for the 1947 Roswell events. And Nick offers some disquieting independent support for his horrible human experimentation scenario presented in two controversial books. Having ruffled the feathers of many Roswell fans, Nick attacks another iconic case, saying of Rendlesham Forest: Not Only a Place for UFOs. There’s a Monster There, Too. And Nick’s “Shug Monkey” tale is even stranger than his Rendlesham book suggestion of a psy-ops experiment upon American service people. Paul Seaburn’s got a look at Two UFO Sightings with Videos from Commercial Airplanes. It’s interesting to compare the video taken in Paul’s article by Marjol Cela with that Martin Grivans video in Abbie Mehan’s Bewildered Ryanair Passenger Spots ‘UFO’ Flight to Edinburgh Airport we reviewed on the 12th. And Paul’s advertising Japanese Hotels Offering Cheaper Rates and Other Extras for Extraterrestrials. There’s also interesting news about “Virgin Orbit,” too. (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 service

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Why Some People Still Believe the “Alien Autopsy” Film Is the Real Thing – Mysterious Universe

Updated: January 13, 2022 — 9:27 am